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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Spray Painting Glass Drawer Knobs

D. Lawless Hardware carries an amazing selection of clear glass drawer knobs. If clear knobs don’t suit the “theme” of your project, why not consider painting them? There are so many new and fabulous products on the market for spray painting glass that I thought I would change the look of a few of these clear beauties for a shelf project!

How to Spray Paint Glass Knobs Article - D. Lawless Hardware

Some of the new spray paints for glass include Frosted Glass, Sea Glass and Stained Glass spray paints by Krylon, and Milk Glass spray paint by Valspar. For this project, I’m using Stained Glass spray paint by Krylon in Cobalt Blue (I will be using the other spray paints in future projects!).

Krylon is perfect for spray painting glass knobs - D. Lawless Hardware

The Stained Glass spray paint comes in a wide variety of colors and the thing I liked most about the Cobalt Blue is that the color is so vivid when the paint dries! It is virtually impossible to mess it up, too!

To begin, wash the glass knobs with mild dishwashing liquid and dry them thoroughly. This makes sure the glass is free of oils from hands as well as any other dirt, dust and debris!

Glass Knobs for Spray Painting - D. Lawless Hardware

Once the knobs are dry, spray a light coat of the paint on all areas of the knobs. Generally, only one coat is needed but additional coats can be added to deepen the color a bit. (Make sure to pay attention to the instructions on the can for recoat times!) The paint may look a little opaque when it is wet but will become clearer as it dries.

How to Spray Paint Glass Knobs - D. Lawless Hardware

Purple Spray Painted Glass Knobs - D. Lawless Hardware

I like to let the paint cure at least overnight before adding it to my project. I used these knobs on a wall mounted shelf I built and I love how the color pops against the grey and white!

Spray Painted Glass Knobs used for Coat Rack - D. Lawless Hardware

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