Friday, October 20, 2017

Green with Decor: Liberty ModernMetals Collection

Sometimes a post is so good I have to use it to feature entire collections and spread it's good vibes as far as I can. This post from Green with Decor is one of those posts. Meg used the Liberty ModernMetals bar pull collection to affordably update a kitchen. Many times a full renovation is too much work, too much time, or just too expensive. Her kitchen update post has seven great ideas for doing so and one of them is replacing the hardware.

Meg used mostly the 128mm stainless steel pulls pictured below, but the full collection comes in lengths from 64mm all the way up to 288mm. That's 2" up to 12" for those that missed science class! LOL! You can see the full collection at the top of our stainless steel bar pulls page.

Here's a close up, then I'll share a couple more photos and you'll have to jump over to Meg's blog to see the rest as well as the other nice tips she shares.

stainless steel bar pull - liberty hardware

I love the stained cabinet and the earth tone tile back splash and floor. The kitchen has a nice warm and natural feel. The pulls match perfectly and add just a touch of contrast to the cabinet and drawers.

stainless steel bar pulls

And one more shot of the pulls from the front. These pulls are very robust in the center and even the long ones look great vertically when used for pantry pulls or appliance pulls.

stainless steel drawer pulls

Our website is looking better and better every day with the help of our customer and blog partners. We are a small business and these blogs are small business too remember! So please support their awesome work providing decorating tips and ideas by clicking through and checking out what else Green with Decor has to offer.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

D. Lawless Hardware Friends Projects: BAIL PULL EDITION

Bail pulls offer a different look than standard straight line pulls and sometimes it's just what is needed. Whether it be that the piece is a little curvy or if the original piece used bail pulls and you want an authentic restoration, bail pulls can sometimes be the perfect fit. And it just so happens I've got several examples of just that!

I was impelled to theme this post by all the great projects featuring our bail pulls over the past week and I'll start with the one that hands down got the most reaction. Maybe because of the gorgeous purple paint job? Or the staging with the skull? The whole piece from Bianca at Lotus Theory Design is wonderful. Bianca used these bail pulls but modified them for the piece which is something else I love to see! You can find more of her work on her Facebook page and website linked above.

Purpose Painted Dresser w/ Bail Pulls

Bail pull close up - d. Lawless Hardware

Next up is a project from Renee of The Painted Home. Renee used some of our solid brass restoration bail pulls on this nice dresser makeover. Perfect match with the paint job and her staging is beautiful as well. I can't believe I bumbled my way into working with such talented people. Not only are the projects beautiful, but the photography and staging are as well!

Dresser with solid brass bail pulls

This post was meant to be as Melissa from Vintage Keiralie not only posted a picture to the DLH Friends group of her latest dresser makeover, but her post included bail pulls and some more great Halloween themed staging! Love it! I'm a big fan of magic and I hope this picture casts a spell on our readers!

Black Dresser with bail pulls

And last, but certainly not least is this white dresser makeover from long time customer and partner Roots & Wings Furniture. This dresser features what is called a "rigid bail pull" as it has the aesthetic of a bail pull, but it is not actually hinges and acts like a solid pull. The bail pull is the perfect touch for this unassuming white dresser. Very nice!

oil rubbed bronze bail pull

white dresser with bail pulls

Until next time! Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

D. Lawless Friend Projects - Moon-Venus Conjunction Edition!

Woke up today, took the dog out and saw the bright crescent moon rising with Venus bright and right beside it! A great way to start the day, I can feel the vibes already from the heavens above! Then I sit down at my computer and see all these wonderful project photos waiting for me and I know it will be a good day. Better than yesterday anyways when my water main burst and the basement flooded...lol.

Anyways, without further ado I will start off with this amazingly intricate piece from Junque with a Purpose. Ryann used some of recently added India style glass knobs and used General Finishes products to makeover this beast of a dresser!

ornate dresser makeover

The detail is awesome and it's an honor to have our hardware adorning this piece. Here's a closeup of the detail and our knobs together.

closeup of dresser detail

Next up is a nice matching dresser set by one of my biggest contributors Tommye at ReDesign by Doherty. I still have no idea how Tommye consistently puts out so many nice pieces, I suspect she ahs a staff she doesn't tell anyone about! She used some heavy glass ball knobs on the top drawers and I believe it is the hardware from the original below.

white dresser

glass ball knobs

Over at Marty's Musings we had the pleasure of being featured in her post about how to choose the right cabinet hardware and it looks like she knows what she's talking about! Marty used some matching antique pewter hardware on her kitchen makeover and the result is beautiful. I am a big fan of white cabinets as they contrast the hardware nicely.

kitchen makeover

kitchen corner

And here's a preview shot from Brepurposed of a kitchen we helped on with the hardware on. It's beautiful so I couldn't resist sharing now, but I'll share more it once it's fully finished up.

Budget Kitchen Makeover

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Elizabeth Burns Design

Today I'm happy to show off our hardware as used in series of posts by Elizabeth of Elizabeth Burns Design. We've worked with her several times in the past and boy are we glad we did this time!

Elizabeth did an amazing job flipping a small house that had a lot of potential and she used our hardware to coordinate throughout the house. We got included in three posts, so I'm showing off one photo from each and providing a link to click through to the rest. Our hardware is in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and mud room!

Elizabeth made great hardware choices in the kitchen pairing our mercury glass knobs, polished nickel pulls, and polished nickel latches. The mercury knobs look great paired with the polished nickel. The full kitchen post shows all the befores and afters and is worth taking a look at!

House Flipping Before and Afters - Budget Kitchen Renovation, Cheap Cabinets, Cheap Countertops - Sherwin Williams Silver Strand (6).jpg

The whole house is done in beautiful grey and white tones. Here is a shot of the bathroom makeover using some of our our oil rubbed bronze hooks that are very popular.

House Flipping Before and Afters - Budget Bathroom Renovation, White Gray and Blue Bath - Sherwin Williams Silver Strand (9).jpg

And finally a nice shot of the laundry room and mud room using the same hooks and hardware throughout!

House Flipping Before and Afters - Budget Mudroom and Laundry Room Renovation, Mud Room bench - Sherwin Williams Silver Strand (3).jpg

This house flip was a pleasure to show off and the photos I received are clearly of great quality! Be sure and click through to see the rest! And big thanks to Elizabeth Burns Design!

DLH Customer & Partner Projects! Cup Pull Sandwich Edition!

I got a lot of great photos from my friends online and customers in the last week. At this rate we are going to have the best site on the internet in a year! So...I usually try to theme them (weakly lol) so...the dumb theme that came to mind was CUP PULL SANDWICH EDITION!

I've got two nice projects featuring appliques and knobs and they sandwich four awesome projects using our large cup pull selection! Please click through to the pages of our contributors, you won't be sorry they do amazing work!

First up is this great vanity from Anne at Amini Designs Ashburn featuring a couple of our little plum appliques on the mirror! I love the hourglass design on the drawers!

vanity with d. lawless hardware appliques

Next up is a lovely pair of matching nightstands from Donna of ReFab-ulous Furniture! She used some of our popular new Schrollwork cup pulls!

matching night stands with cup pulls

More cup pulls matched with some knobs from our defunct Free Hardware Friday promotions awhile back. Perfect match and an awesome paint job on this little dresser by Lee Ann at Creative Moments. Hopefully Free Hardware Friday returns at some point, but I'm a one man show and I do most of my giveaways at our DLH Friends group where I get better turnout and photos...

dresser with cup pulls

dresser makeover with cup pulls

This next one here is from Elizabeth Burns Design who I also just worked with on a wonderful house flip and I'll be showing those off later. Just some simple cup pulls and matching knobs on this fold top desk.

brass cup pulls

Just today I got these nice shots from Blah to Ahh. featuring matching cup pulls and knobs on this gorgeous cabinet makeover. Click through to see the before (it was a junker!).

oil rubbed bronze cup pulls

And last but not least is this waterfall dresser makeover from Teri of Paint by Layers! Teri found some simple Amerock satin nickel knobs and they are the perfect fit on this simple dresser. The top paint detail and staging with the mirror make for an awesome photo for our site! Couldn't be happier!

waterfall dresser makeover

I've got some more great projects built up, but I like to keep these posts limited so that everyone gets the proper exposure for their work! Thanks to everyone who sent in photos this week!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Swerdloff Designs

We got a nice surprise in the mail recently and we wanted to share it with everyone as well as the small business that was kind enough to send in their work. Swerdloff Designs out of California produces custom pieces using various mediums Most of their beautiful work involves the fusion of metal, wood, and glass. We love working with unique small businesses, so I'll share a bit from their about page which has more worth reading.
Allan Swerdloff has been designing, building and installing high-end kitchens, baths and built-in furniture since 1996. As owner of Allan Swerdloff Surface Design, he also designs and installs fantasy rooms and custom painted glass fixtures. Allan Swerdloff designs and work can currently be seen in venues such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, and Disneyland in Anaheim. He has worked with such up-scale Los Angeles area decorators as Phyllis Morris, Roberta Haas and Annette Rubin. His work has been featured in Awesome Interiors and Designing for the Sexes on HGTV.
Allan was kind enough to send in this gorgeous set of knobs and pulls he created using our hardware making supplies. I think Allan may have found a new calling! Haha, although when you see the rest of his work below you won't be able to blame him if he doesn't move into hardware full time!

Custom Cabinet Knobs

Custom Glass Cabinet Knob

Custom Knob Making Parts

Custom Cabinet Knobs

This is nothing compared to the full house and venue work Swerdloff Designs does as their main business. Below I'll show off a few beautiful shots of their interior design work and custom glass work they've posted on their website.

cabinet fronts

fish metal work

kitchen design


custom glass sink

We greatly appreciate if you click over and take a look at Swerdloff Designs if only to see what kind of awesome interior design art is out there. You never know what you want til you see it!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

Okay, I lied about the tigers right off, but I do have some nice projects using a wildlife type theme that I wanted to show off from our customers and blog partners.

First up from Distress Reliever: Upcycled Furniture we have a nice dresser makeover using some pewter "sleeping bear" knobs from Liberty Hardware. These knobs are awesome and perfect for rustic styles and themes.

pewter sleeping bear cabinet knobs

dresser makeover with pewter knobs

Next up we have a pair of projects from long time partners using our lion head ring pulls!  The buffet comes to us from Brepurposed and the second one is from Finding Silver Pennies. Both of these projects are from a bit ago, but hey, I'm trying to put together a blog post here!

buffet with lion head pulls

big blue chippy dresser

I could have sworn I had more pictures of our wildlife line, but most of them are pictures of floral knobs and pulls so I'll just save them for a future post. Here's to a great coming week!

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