Thursday, November 12, 2015

Small Business Partner: Stained Glass Source, Inc.

Stained Glass Source, Inc. is a small business out of New Mexico just recently started getting bases from us to create some really nice fused glass knobs they are selling on Etsy. After checking out their site though I really wanted to show off a few of their stained glass pieces that have nothing to do with our hardware. Below are two of the several dozens styles that I liked the most followed by one style of the fused glass knobs they are making with our bases.

Also, here is an interesting little bit about their community from their website:

"Silver City has long been an attractive place for burgeoning artists to relocate. Our pleasant climate, stunning scenery and relatively low cost of living are all responsible factors when artists want to call Silver City and the surrounding areas home. There is an active gallery and artist studio association that promotes a popular artist studio tour in the fall called the Red Dot Art Weekend."

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