Friday, June 3, 2016

Free Hardware Friday #25


We are back from a couple weeks break as I was travelling and D. Lawless had a long Memorial Day weekend. I hope everyone had a great weekend themselves!

Today's knob is a little tiny knob from Liberty Hardware. This is a discontinued finish and is not available many places. We have a good amount of them and hope to sell the rest with the help of your projects and photos.

Here's the knob, it's 3/4" in diameter which is much smaller than your average knob. This will be good for small drawers or crafts maybe.

The rules are the same as every week....

1. E-mail me at the address on the bottom of the post with your name, address, the product number, and how many you need.

2. Please put in writing what you plan to use the knobs for and also give me permission to use your photos to market the knobs. I might put your pictures up on our HomeTalk account, Facebook, or website. If you click our HomeTalk link above you can see a lot of the projects completed by Free Hardware Friday participants since we started back in November.

I'm looking forward to lots of participants heading into our hiatus! Please contact me at lawlesshardware (at) gmail (dot) com to participate!

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